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Commander David McCampbell - AG-15, Hellcat Ace
34 victories - Navy Ace of Aces, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient
All material and photos graciously supplied by Russell J. Huff

Commander McCampbell's Naval Aviator wing

Original artwork for VF-15, Satan's Angels

David McCampbell in his famed Hellcat F6F-5, "Minsi III", on the deck of the USS Essex in October, 1944 with 21 victory flags. He had just shot down nine more top-of-the line Japanese fighters in 90 minutes (an all time record) to raise his total to 30.

Full size Naval Aviator wing

Shirt size Naval Aviator wing

Cap size Naval Aviator wing

Congressional Medal of Honor (one of only two Navy Pilots in the war to win it--the other, Butch O'Hare)
Navy Cross (2)
Silver Star
Legion of Merit (valor)
Distinguished Flying Cross (3)
Air Medal (2)
Many WWII Campaign medals
Many post-war awards and honors

Back home after his tour on the USS Essex, he posed with all 34 victory flags on another Hellcat dubbed "Minsi III" for the occasion. President Franklin D. Roosevelt presented him with the Medal of Honor on January 10, 1945, McCampbell's 35th birthday.

Russ Huff has written a book on Commander McCampell drawing from the Commander's personal correspondence and writings. If you are interested in seeing more of Commander McCampbell's actual awards, documents, uniforms, etc they are included in this book. It's published on CD and is available from Russ directly at