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Major Roy W. Evans - Eagle Squadron 121, 335th FS 4th Fighter Group, 359th Fighter Group
Major Evans pictured here when he was a member of the 121 squadron RAF. He was in RAF uniform for 1 1/2 years flying combat before the US entered the war.

Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters
Distinguished Flying Cross
Silver Star

6 Victories - ACE

Fourth Fighter Group Logo
   Eagle Squadron Logo
Fourth Fighter Group Logo and Eagle Squadron logo courtesy of the Virtual fourth fighter group. Visit their fabulous site at

Major Evans in his Spitfire V B. Just returning from a mission to France with the 121 squadron of RAF
Major Evans with his P-51 Mustang just returning from a flight to Berlin with the 359th Fighter Group
Major Evans' P-47 Thunderbolt with only six guns. When they started using belly tanks for escorting longer missions they began running out of ammo. They removed the two outer guns in order to carry more ammo. This is his bird when he was flying for the 4th Fighter Group, 335th squadron. Note the Eagle Squadron insignia on the cowling.