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On the night of March 4th and 5th 1944 the predecessor to all Special Ops units in the US Air Force, the 1st Air Commando Group went into action for the first time. CG4A Glider Pilots towed by C-47 Pilots began the execution of Operation Thursday. They were trained and led by by Lt Col Philip Cochran known by his exploits of leadership and combat against the Germans in North Africa and Lt Col John Allison from the Flying Tigers. OP Thursday was the first Aerial invasion Behind enemy lines in history, several months before Overlord (D-Day), and began from Lalaghat India in Assam province, flying into Japanese held Burma approx 100 miles Behind enemy lines. The gliders carried: Chindits, specialized Long Range Penetration (behind enemy lines) or LRP units under the command of Brigadier General Orde Wingate of the British Army. They also carried 1st ACG engineers and their equipment such as bulldozers, donkeys, infrastructure materiel etc. Those who survived The landings in the pitch black darkness of the jungle, immediately began to clear the broken gliders and dead and wounded glider pilots and chindits and engineers, so that the mission could continue to clear a path for the rest of the gliders coming in and begin to build a functional runway, that C-47s could land on in that field behind enemy lines, WITHIN 24 HOURS.