Bolivia Air Force - Pilot

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The Bolivian Air Force was founded in 1923. By 1938 it had about 60 US, German and British aircraft and 300 staff. Their officer pilots received training in Italy. Bolivia declared war and joined the Allies in April 1943 along with two other South American countries, Chile and Colombia. Bolivia was an active trade partner but did not contribute any overseas military forces.

The Bolivian Air Force badges had two styles. During the 30s and leading into WWII, the FAB adopted a very modern design evocative of its Incan past. This pattern is documented in a 1943 US book titled Identification that chronicles foreign military insignia. The other style, which has a wartime pattern and later became the basis for the current Bolivian wing is a Condor with widespread wings with the crest of Bolivia attached as a separate hanging medallion.

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