Polish Air Force

“The Polish AF was The fifth largest of The Allied Air Forces during the Second World War. It fought the longest, from the morning of 1st September 1939 until it ended combat operations over Berlin on last day of the war. Since Poland was occupied during most of war, its air force was fighting mainly from foreign soil and for most of the war was integrated into the air forces of its allies. While its material assets were not as great as those of the American, British, French or Soviet air forces, its strength was in its superbly trained, experienced and dedicated pilots and ground personnel.”

SOURCE: the author`s note of "Polish Air Force 1939 - 1945", dr.J. Koniarek, Squadron/Signal 1994

Author’s note:

Please remember that Poles fought with sacrifice not only for their freedom but also for yours. Plenty of young Polish airmen, soldiers and seamen gave their lives for freedom of Poland, Norway, France, England and other countries. They fought for the survival of Western Civilization, that became threaten by two monsters of the 20th century - Nazism and Communism.

Poles fought with sacrifice also because their families were still in danger. For example American pilots knew that his wife or mother lived in the United States where she is safe. Many Polish pilots left their families in Poland, where they lived in Nazi or Communist terror and would be killed, taken prisoner or to death-camps every day. Everyday was important to them, even one day less of war would save somebody’s life – that’s one of the reasons, why they fought with such sacrifice.

The price was very high. Poland lost 6,024,000 citizens killed (22%) and 38% of the national infrastructure. Even after the war, Poland didn’t see freedom. The Soviet Army, which occupied Poland since 1944, introduced a Communist Government, which made Poland dependant on the Soviet Union until 1990 when Poland received freedom again. 200,000 Poles were killed or taken to prison during Communist years of 1944 - 1990.

Courtesy of Jakub Marszalkiewicz