Royal Canadian Air Force - Double Wing Debate

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There has long been a debate in the collecting community about the double wing Commonwealth badges for non pilots. Warren Carroll's book does an excellent job of covering the topic in a chapter that starts on page 97 of his "Eagle's Recalled" book. Excellent reading for anyone interested in these rare wings. There has been a lot of controversy over whether they were ever issued and worn on uniforms. I'm lucky enough to have been contacted by two seperate families who provided me photos of their relatives who can cleary be seen wearing these rare wings on their uniforms. Obviously we have no idea how long they were able to wear them without being ordered to wear the typical single wing brevet but these photos do bring to light that these style of wings were issued and were worn. I've provided the two photos below and a bit of information about each airmen but the families would like to keep their identies private. I truly appreciate them sharing the photos with me so that I can share them with you. I have double posted (no pun intended) this section in the RAF and RCAF sections as the veterans represent each of those two groups. If anyone else has photographic evidence of these badges in use please contact me.

Photos generously provided by the families of these airmen. Commonwealth collectors owe them a lot for bringing these wartime photos to light.

This photo is of an aerial gunner from New Zealand who served with the RAF. He was trained in Canada and that is where his wings were issued. He was killed in action in 1943. He served with 75 Squadron, Bomber Command.

These two photos are of the same airman one taken during 1943 and the other a studio portrait with no date. He served as a navigator with the RCAF and was awarded his wings in November of 1942.
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